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  •  100% raw organic-based
  •  Lab-tested | KKM Approved
  •  Economical, up to 143 pumps
  •  No SLES, SLS, No paraben
  •  No Fragrance, No Phthalate
  •  pH Balanced
  •  Tears free
  •  Suitable for sensitive skin


  •  100% raw organic-based
  •  Lab-tested | KKM Approved
  •  Economical, up to 74 pumps
  •  No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Mineral Oil
  •  Protection for hair
  •  Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Collect, store and feed colostrum from the same container.
  • Made of 100% medical grade silicone.
  • Soft squeezable silicone has a vacuum effect to collect droplets.
  • Nib suctions colostrum off the nipple, can also be removed to express directly into the collector.
  • Portable, leakproof and reusable.
  • Heat and freeze resistant.
  • Clear measurements.
  • Non-toxic and safe for newborns.
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free.


  • A lightweight and efficient breast pump that fits in your handbag or diaper bag.
  • The ergonomic handle allows you to hold and pump one handed, while the soft silicone cup is gentle on your skin
  • Discreet enough to express breast milk on the go
  • Wash all parts in warm, soapy water, pop in the dishwasher, or sterilize.




  • Double wall vacuum insulated food jar provides maximum retention of heat or cold for your food
  • Air-tight seal
  • Wide opening of the food jar makes it convenient to fill up, eat out of, and clean.
  • Compact size for a healthy meal with 450ml capacity
  • Ideal for on-the-go meals and perfect for travel!
  • BPA free
  • Available in : Metallic Burgundy/ Metallic Gold


  • Revolutionary no screw thread one-handed closure (Patent Pending). Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open, PCTO™ innovation for hassle-free handling and avoiding spillage.

  • Air venting bypasses the milk minimizing the formation of air bubbles and oxidation of precious nutrients. Built-in anti-colic air vent reduces unwanted air intake.

  • Elliptical-shaped silicone teat closely mimics a mother's breast to simulate a real latching experience, making combining breast and bottle feeding possible. Off-center teat enables your baby to feed in a natural upright position.

  • Express, Store, and Feed within a single container with interchangeable pump or adapters, feeding collars, and storage lids. No wasteful transfer of milk necessary.

  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: The smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening, and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy.




  • Product of Malaysia
  • Suitable for babies 6-months-old and up
  • Natural medium-grain white rice
  • A soft and simple start for your little ones




  • Product of Malaysia
  • Natural white rice with organic rolled oats
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months till toddler
  • Recommended for babies with colic or sensitive stomachs
  • Suitable to be consumed regularly as it is specially formulated to support optimum tummy care




  • BPA FREE - Safe material, free from harmful substances like lead, benzophenone, and mercury.
  • Self Standing Type
  • Double Zipper to Lock - perfectly seals breastmilk to prevent leakage and protect it from external dust and smell.
  • With sensible space to indicate dates
  • Can be easily cut with the cutting guideline.
  • No endocrine disruptor detected non-toxic material.
  • K-Mom's fancy design, Cute, and Adorable 2 Designs in 1 Package
  • With Accurate Capacity Marking




  • 100% Halal
  • Horlicks, Dark Chocolate Chip and Crunchies
  • Made with selected Galactagogues
  • Delicious & Crunchy; made with combination of HORLICKS, dark chocolate chip and corn flakes for the extra crunch
  • Consume 4 cookies daily to boost milk supply
  • 1 x LactoMomma Chorlicks Crunchies Milk Booster Cookies